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Which Nuts Are Safe For Parrots? List of Edible Nuts.

It is the most common question which nuts are safe for parrots? Giving parrots a lot of nuts is tempting since we know they enjoy them. However, there is a drawback to anything nice in life, and if we want our parrots to be healthy, we must use extreme caution and restraint when it comes to tempting nuts.

Not surprisingly, and as with most things related to birds, there is much different information about specific nuts and nuts. It might be challenging for a protective parrot guardian to be confident we’re taking the right steps for our beloved birds.

In general, nuts are considered a treat or a very tiny portion of the diet for most parrot species. The majority of nuts that are suitable for parrots are also heavy in fat. Thus it is advised that you feed them in moderation.

A diet heavy in nuts can cause significant nutritional deficits in addition to obesity, which a parrot should be gaining from other nutritious food sources like vegetables.

About Nuts

Nuts Are Safe For Parrots?

In addition to being a high-calorie diet, nuts give birds tons of energy for their daily tasks. Numerous nuts include the trace elements and minerals that birds require as part of a balanced diet.

1. Because they are durable and simple to hide for later use, nuts are particularly well-liked as a wintertime bird meal. Numerous nut-eating birds may spend weeks in the fall stockpiling nuts by stuffing ripe nuts into cracks in the ground, openings in bark, and other hiding spots. Birds will return to those hiding locations to devour their stored nuts if other food sources are limited or insufficient foraging is not possible due to bad weather.

2. Uneaten nuts frequently grow into new trees and bushes, providing additional food for birds and other creatures in the future.

There are several varieties of nuts that birds prefer,


  • Acorns
  • Almonds
  • Beechnuts
  • Brazil nuts
  • nuts
  • nut macadamia
  • Peanuts
  • Pecans
  • Aspen nuts
  • Walnuts

The precise types of birds that consume various nuts vary based on their regular diet, bill shape, nutritional requirements, and the nuts easily accessible in their habitat. Nuts are a reliable food source for a variety of bird species.

Nuts’ Fat Content

It’s dangerous for a parrot to be overweight.

As it is, most captive parrots do not expend nearly as many calories as their wild counterparts do per day. Thus they do not require as much food.

However, food quality is equally as essential as food quantity. When it comes to nuts, we need to be cautious of their high-fat level when considering including these delectable goodies in any parrot’s diet.

Nuts include a variety of lipids that make up more than half of their calories; the amount of fat in each species of nut varies dramatically.

The following table displays the fat content in grams per ounce of the most popular foods.

Total Fat in Nuts (in grams) per ounce

  • Walnut 18.5
  • Hazelnut 17.2
  • Almond 14.0
  • Pecan 20.4
  • Brazil 18.8
  • Cashew 12.4
  • Macadamia 21.5
  • Pistachio 12.9

US Agriculture Department and California Almonds are the sources.

As you can see, cashews and pistachio have the lowest fat contents, whereas macadamia nuts have the largest amount of fats.

Of fact, when it comes to nutrition, fat is only one component of the puzzle. However, due to the possibility of obesity and the related major health issues that come with having an overweight bird, parrot owners do need to pay close attention to this issue.

The amount of protein, carbs, and numerous vitamins and minerals, including potassium, magnesium, and calcium, are additional nutritional factors to consider with nuts.

Quick Information on Nut Nutrition

which nuts are safe for parrots? The Brazil nut has the greatest magnesium concentration of all the nuts in the above table.

The highest potassium content is found in pistachios, whereas the highest calcium and dietary fiber content is found in almonds.

Almonds are the nut that has the highest protein, only slightly ahead of the pistachio. Of all the nuts mentioned, macadamia has the most fat and the least amount of protein.

All nuts contain trace quantities of zinc and copper, with cashews having the greatest concentration.

Which Nuts are Safe for Parrots?

These Nuts Are Safe To Feed To Parrots


Hazelnuts The usual hazel tree, Corylus avellana, is grown exclusively for all these nuts. But what nutritional advantages do they have, and are they beneficial for parrots? Like many nuts, hazelnuts are high in unsaturated fats and protein. For this reason, nuts should only make up a tiny portion of a nutritious diet for pet parrots.

Hazelnuts include essential minerals such as manganese, magnesium, copper, vitamin E, and thiamine. Hazelnuts may be purchased either raw or roasted, and while some are salted, others are unprocessed (raw and unsalted). We should never feed nuts with salt to parrots.

Hazelnuts may be consumed by parrots raw, unsalted, and unroasted. The finest is organic. Hazelnuts can, however, be given to most species of parrots as a treat meal or a minor portion of their diet due to their high-fat content, similar to that of many other nuts.

nuts for parrot


nuts eat parrots

Pistachios that are uncooked, unsalted, and human-grade are safe for parrots to consume.

Pistachios salted

Salted pistachios are dangerous and harmful for parrots, just like any salted nuts and food. Parrots should never be given any salty foods.


nuts eat parrot

One of the most popular nuts is the almond, available in every flavor you can imagine, including salt, cheese, spices, and anything else that could improve its flavor. However, the sort that comes with its natural flavor, not salt or anything else, is ideal for serving to a parrot. Even with salt, you may properly wash it before serving, and it’s best to taste it to check for residues of salt or other contaminants.

You should also be aware that almonds are produced by two different types of trees and come in two varieties: bitter almond, the bit almond, and sweet almond. Always check the sweetness of the almond before purchasing it, though.


Nuts eat parrots

Cashew nuts are also an excellent side dish for your chicken. It comes in a variety of tastes and is a very well-liked kind of nut. The ideal approach to giving cashew to your bird is to provide it raw and without any additional ingredients because these tastes might hurt any parrot. In addition, cashews should only make up a portion of a parrot’s diet. It is recommended to give cashew to a parrot once or twice a week so that it may benefit the most from it.


nuts eat parrots

In moderation, pecan nuts also make a healthy option to give your parrot. And as the research suggests, giving these nuts to parrots in moderation has several advantages. Serving these crunchy nuts to parrots once or twice a week would be good because they appear to like eating them.


nuts eat parrots

In comparison to other nuts, macadamia nuts have the toughest shells. Additionally, the parrot will typically need your assistance to open the shell. They are unable to get in despite having quite huge and pointed beaks.

So, try paying for it before serving it to them.

In addition, macadamia nuts are an excellent food for birds of all kinds and can be enjoyed by parrots. Consequently, it would be a wonderful addition to your bird’s meals, but remember not to make them the major component.


nuts eat parrots

One kind of nut whose shell is particularly tough and which might be challenging for some parrot types to shatter is walnut. They will ultimately require your assistance.

Parrots are advised to consume these delicious buttery nuts more frequently than other varieties. Ideal walnut portions are 1 or 2. Don’t overfeed parrots; instead, use them as treats or snacks.

Final Thoughts

which nuts are safe for parrots? Yes, it is the solution. For any parrot, nuts are highly advised as a food source. This does not imply that they should be the main component of a parrot’s diet. The important thing is to maintain a diet as varied as you can, and occasionally treating yourself to nuts is good. Every parrot’s diet should always include seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

Yes, that’s all there is to it. This post was both educational and simple to understand. I appreciate your reading.

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