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Top 8 Best Pet Birds For Beginners

A lot of things to take into account while picking a pet bird. Choosing or not you want a bird that speaks is a crucial decision. This article will summarize the top talking best pet birds for beginners and explain why these birds are suitable for new bird owners.

Pet birds come in various varieties, each with their personality and requirements. Studying can help you pick the best pet bird for your lifestyle and personality if you’re considering obtaining a bird as a pet.

08 Best Pet Birds For Beginners

You can pick one of the following alternatives if you’re a beginner and want to keep a cute bird as a pet. There are pet birds available that are welcoming to newbies.

1. Budgies

Budgies, another name for parakeets, may already be familiar to you. When properly cared for, they make wonderful pets who are kind and loving. It is also the best pet bird for beginners. They are quite little and adorable, and you can teach them to do some tricks. Furthermore, budgies are amazing pets that are gorgeous and fascinating since they can learn to communicate.

Overview of Species

Size: 7 inches

One ounce in weight

Approximately 12 to 14 years.

Talkativeness: Talkative! They can pick up a few words and phrases.

Health Problems: May be susceptible to parasites, bacterial infections, viruses, and fatty liver disease.

pet for beginners
Budgie Parrot

2. Cockatiels

pet for beginners

One of the most famous pets available is the cockatiel. If you are a newbie, you should choose female cockatiels since they are kinder and more loving than male pets. If you don’t lavish them with attention, the male pet won’t bother nipping you and may become cranky, which may not be particularly reassuring for beginners since you have to figure out what to do.

Cockatiels require a big cage with lots of space and toys. Additionally, they must leave the cage for a few hours every day. If given the right care, a pet may live for 30 years.

Overview of Species

Approximately 11 to 12 inches in length

2.5 to 3.5 ounces in weight

15 to 20 years or longer in a lifespan

Talkativeness: love to chat! They can sing, whistle, generate other noises, and imitate sounds.

Health Problems: Predisposed to parasites, viruses, bacterial infections, and fatty liver disease

3. Lovebirds with peach faces

Lovebirds might be a little trickier to handle than the other birds. Contrary to popular belief, these birds can live alone without any problems. A male bird is a good choice for your first pet. If you want to take these birds out for entertainment, they are just 5 to 6 inches long and can easily fit in your pocket. These birds’ preferred pastimes include games and pranks. They may live up to 20 years and usually play in their lovely enclosure.

pet for beginners

Overview of Species

5 to 6 inches long

Size: 2 ounces

20-year lifespan

Talking Skills: They converse with their kind but not as much with others.

Health Problems: They might have chlamydiosis, which can cause respiratory symptoms, weakness, liver problems, and even death. They could also get gastrointestinal tract yeast infections.

4. Parrotlets (Birds of paradise)

pet for beginners

People think that parrotlets make the best pets. They are little, adorable, and incredibly simple to care for. Additionally, these little birds have wonderful personalities. Parrotlets might be a terrific choice if you’re seeking a pet that will make a wonderful companion.

It would be best to emphasize that you’ll require much free time to control this pet. Parrotlets need a lot of care, so there are better choices if you spend most of your time outside the home. The friendly nature of parrotlets means that they adore being the center of attention from their owners.

Overview of Species

4 to 5 inches long

One ounce in weight

Approximately 15 to 20 years.

Ability to learn some words and phrases when speaking

Health Problems: Predisposed to deadly herpes infections, bacterial respiratory infections, and fungal lung diseases

5. Hyacinth Macaws

Because of their enormous size, these parrots are sometimes called “gentle giants.” Hyacinth Macaws are renowned for their outgoing and amiable personalities. They like playing and snuggling with their owner at all times.

Hyacinth macaws are a fantastic choice if you enjoy having a bouncy and happy pet that provides you with pleasant companionship.

Who should mention that these large birds make it challenging to house them? These animals may be incredibly cute and would make loving pets after you take care of the habitat.

pet for beginners

Overview of Specie

Size: 13 inches

15 to 18 ounces in weight

Age range: 40 years

Talkative in terms of speaking!

Health Concerns:

They might develop behavioral issues and respiratory illnesses if they are not adequately cared for.

6. Cockatoo

pet for beginners

A cockatoo may be a fantastic pet if you desire a big, friendly, loving bird. These charming birds form close bonds with their keepers and desire to be with them as frequently as possible.

To spend time with your bird, you must have a lot of spare time. If they don’t receive enough attention, cockatoos can develop depression and turn to destructive activities like plucking feathers. Experienced bird owners might do better with these birds than novices.

Overview of Species

SIZE: 18 inches

16 to 26 ounces in weight

A mostly white bird with pale yellow wings and a tail, a huge white crest, and a black beak (umbrella cockatoo)

7. Green-Cheeked Conure

Conures are perhaps the loudest of all the species on our list of the most popular pet birds. These energetic birds produce a screech-like squawk. Green-cheeked conures, native to South America, like interacting with their owner. They are bright, amusing, and slightly cheeky birds by nature.

However, they are often more laid-back and quieter than other conure species. They normally do not learn to speak, but their endearing qualities make them amusing and fascinating companions.

pet for beginners

Overview of Species

10 to 11 inches in length

weight: two to three ounces

Physical characteristics include a green coloration with olive cheek patches, a grey breast and head, a maroon tail, and blue flight feathers. Turquoise, yellow, and cinnamon mutations are also possible.

8. African Grey

pet for beginners

African grey parrot, the sixth most popular pet bird
Now that we’ve reached the sixth species on the list, things will become interesting since this bird is said to be the smartest. The term “the Einstein of the Bird World” was given to them because of their exceptional ability to imitate speech and acquire human words.

They may form close bonds with you and pick up operant conditioning and positive reinforcement training.

African Greys, as their name implies, have gorgeous grey feathering with a dash of red on their tail. Despite not having the most vibrant colors, African Grey birds may brighten your life with witty and devoted feathered companions.

Therefore, if you want a smart bird with a kind disposition, consider it. African Grey parrots can win your heart!

Overview of Species

Size: 13 inches
15 to 18 ounces in weight
Age range: 40 years
Talkative in terms of speaking!
Health Concerns: They might develop behavioral issues and respiratory conditions if improperly managed.

Final Thoughts: Best Pet Birds For Beginners

The list of the most well-liked pet birds worldwide is now complete!

Beginners should start with birds like parakeets, cockatiels, canaries, and doves since they are small, friendly, and simple to maintain.

On the other hand, the African Greys and Hyacinth Macaws are ideal if you prefer bigger parrots with stunning appearances and bright minds. Just be aware that they require larger cages, more food, and more expensive care than the smaller ones.

Hope in a content pet for beginners will help you purchase to help your plan and make informed selections.

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