Parrot Eggs for Hatching

Parrot Eggs for Hatching – Profound Thing You Need to Know

Parrot eggs are one of the most common hatching items in the pet trade, but that doesn’t mean that anyone can sell parrot eggs. There are several laws and regulations to be aware of before selling these beautiful little packages of baby parrots-to-be! Read on to learn more about candlelight testing your parrot eggs for hatching and all you need to know about selling these little treasures.

What You’ll Need to Hatch Your Own Parrots

If you want to hatch parrots, you’ll need fertile eggs and a chicken incubator. Fresh chicken eggs are best for hatching since they’re only available during limited periods of time—typically, November through April. During these times, millions of people scour their neighborhoods in search of fresh bird eggs to hatch baby chicks, ducks, and geese. Keep in mind that every species hatches differently, so it’s essential to have as much information as possible on hand before beginning a breeding process.

Which Parrot Species Should I Choose?

When choosing a parrot species to buy parrot eggs for hatching, it’s important to find out which ones are best suited to you and your lifestyle. If you’re looking for a companion, some of these birds are better suited than others. For example, African grey parrots can live up to 50 years or more and love to be held and cuddled—but they might not make great companions if you have young children in your household! On the other hand, a cockatiel might be an excellent choice if you just want something that will keep you company during long work days but can also easily live on its own without much attention.

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How many eggs should I order?

Parrot Eggs for Hatching

Parrots lay very few eggs compared to chickens and other poultry, so a single fertile egg could take some serious time before it hatches into a baby bird. It’s important to remember that parrots aren’t like chickens, so you can’t just throw a bunch of fertile eggs into an incubator and wait until they all hatch. Very few items you need to successfully incubate parrot eggs: A brooder, candlelight candling equipment (which we provide with each order), newspaper strips, and wood-shaving chips or sawdust bedding. Candling is simply observing your egg by placing it under a bright light.

How Long Before The Eggs Hatch?

Though it varies by species, fertile parrot eggs will hatch approximately 28-35 days after being candlelight tested. If you purchase parrot eggs that are candlelight tested and have not yet been packaged, we recommend shipping them back to us within 1-2 weeks of receiving them so they can be hatched and then sent back to you. The packaging process adds 3-4 days to ensure proper cooling during transit to ensure healthy baby birds.

How to identify if an egg is fertile

Some simple ways to identify if an egg is fertile, even without candling (which is sometimes more convenient). Candling is holding a light up to a small hole in an eggshell and looking at what’s inside. If you want to candle your eggs, check out our guide on how to cook chicken eggs for hatching. Check out your bird’s abdomen.

Conclusion – Parrot Eggs for Hatching

Parrot eggs for hatching are becoming popular for many parrot owners, with good reason! Hatching your own baby parrots gives you ownership of every aspect of their lives and empowers you to provide better care than pet stores or breeders can achieve. Once you’ve purchased healthy, fertile eggs, all left to do is wait for them to hatch—typically 21 days.

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