How To Tame A Parrot In Minecraft?

How To Tame A Parrot In Minecraft?

The 1.12 update to Minecraft included some adorable new species, including parrots. It makes sense to tame one because of its vivid texture and particular behaviours, especially if you adore birds. You may also learn how to tame a parrot in Minecraft by reading this post.

You should be aware that parrots cannot be produced; they can only be tamed before being trained. So let’s forget about it if you’ve chosen to locate them for breeding.

The Following Steps to tame a parrot:

1. Purchase Bird Food

In Minecraft, parrots will consume just a few seeds, and there is little probability that any given seed will succeed in taming a parrot. Therefore, before taming one, you ought to acquire several of them.

You’ll need melon, beetroot, wheat, and pumpkin seeds to tame a parrot. The village’s agriculture is a good place to get wheat and beetroot seeds. Additionally, they may be found in various buildings such as end cities, mineshafts, dungeons, and manors in the woods.

How To Tame A Parrot In Minecraft?

Melon spawn may be naturally found in the savanna and the desert town building, and you can also discover melon seeds in the forest mansions. Melon seeds may also be found in mineshafts and dungeons in the form of chests. Alternatively, you can exchange one emerald for one melon seed with the roaming trader.

Pumpkin seeds may be gathered using many techniques as melon seeds; however, they naturally spawn in the taiga and icy taiga villages.

However, breaking grass for wheat seeds is the most effective approach to obtaining seeds for taming a parrot. To obtain extra wheat seeds, grow wheat using a Fortune tool.

2. Locate a Parrot

Only the jungle biome and its variations, such as the sparse jungle and bamboo jungle, support the spawn of parrots. Parrots spawn only on top of grass, logs, and leaves, unlike other mobs, which may appear anywhere.

Press F3 to access the debug panel and look for your Y location if you’re already in the jungle and have trouble finding any parrots. Only in the Y layer, between 1 and 70, do parrots spawn.

3. Train a Parrot

Put the seeds in your hot bar when you find a parrot and have them on you. Then, choose it. Next, right-click the parrot by looking at it!

How To Tame A Parrot In Minecraft?

A 10% probability exists for each seed to tame a parrot successfully. When the red heart-shaped particles are floating over it, you will know! And that’s how you do it in Minecraft too!

You can only let them sit down or perch on your shoulder once you’ve trained them. In Minecraft, you can’t feed them anymore to breed parrots.

How to Get a Parrot to Sit on Your Shoulder?

Once a parrot is tamed, it will follow you, and if you walk into a parrot, it’ll hop on your shoulder.

Additionally, you may carry two tamed parrots on your shoulder.


In Minecraft, is it possible to have a parrot as a pet?

How To Tame A Parrot In Minecraft?

Parrots can be trained with a one in ten probability of success by giving them wheat, melon, pumpkin, or beetroot seeds. A tamed parrot will sit and stand when you engage with it.

A trained parrot will it despawn?

A trained parrot will it despawn?
Like any other tamed animal in Minecraft, a tamed parrot will not despawn.

Does Minecraft have a rare parrot?

Parrots have a 0.2% probability of spawning, making them incredibly difficult to locate. However, they are present in jungle biomes.


Although a parrot may not greatly assist the player’s chances of survival, no one can deny that they would make an interesting company. They are among the most vibrant and distinctive pets you can own.

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