How Much Are Kitten Shots At PetSmart

How Much Are Kitten Shots At Petsmart

How Much Are kitten shots at PetSmart? There’s a good likelihood that if you have a pet, you’ve visited a PetSmart. More than 1,650 pet shops can be found in North America and Puerto Rico. In addition to selling pet supplies, these facilities also provide grooming, boarding, dog training, dog day camps, and pet adoptions for stray animals.

But as of 2019, PetSmart launched cheap checkups and pet vaccinations through Scott. PetSmart, which also provides veterinary treatment, and Banfield Animal Hospital have long been partners. Read on for pricing information and an explanation of how the PetSmart vaccination process works if you’re curious about how much it will cost to vaccinate your cat there.

How Much Will kitten Vaccinations at PetSmart Cost in 2022?

In 2022, a PetSmart cat vaccination ranges from $20 to $37, depending on your location and the PetSmart partner provider. To expand the availability of its veterinary services, PetSmart has teamed with Banfield Pet Hospital and Shotvet. Single doses of shot vet cost between $20 and $39, while packages cost between $99 and $179. In 2022, Banfield single shots cost between $24 and $35.

Can I Vaccinate My Kitten at PetSmart?

PetSmart collaborates with Banfield Pet Hospital at several locations to offer veterinary services, such as immunizations. Since Banfield is a renowned and trustworthy veterinary hospital network, your cat will receive excellent care there.

Before choosing a specific hospital or clinic, it’s usually a good idea to conduct some research and read reviews because the quality of service can vary depending on the veterinarian. To confirm that the vaccinations offered by Banfield are suitable for your cat and to discuss any possible dangers or side effects, it’s also a good idea to speak with your usual veterinarian.

How Much Do PetSmart’s Individual Kitten Shots Cost?

Banfield Pet Hospital and Shotvet provide individual cat vaccinations. However, their total cost is more than those provided in a package. The cost of each vaccine at Shotvet is as follows:

  • FVRCP at $42 
  • Rabies at $42 
  • FeLV at $42
  • Deworming at $35

To pay for the disposal of the needles, Shotvet levies an extra $3 biohazard fee. Banfield Pet Hospital cat shots cost different amounts depending on where you live in the US. With the help of this online price estimator, you may learn how much Banfield bills in your neighborhood.

What feline vaccines does PetSmart provide?

Your neighborhood pet shop likely offers several vaccinations. These are effective if your cat is exposed to an illness for which it has not previously been vaccinated. By the time your cat is four months old, it should have received all its first vaccinations and annual booster doses. As soon as possible after birth, puppies and kittens are shots at PetSmart since they are at risk of many of the same illnesses. Along with the other immunizations you’ll need, this is also necessary.

To maintain a good immune system, you should offer your dog various nutrients, such as probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids. If you have a cat susceptible to developing one of these diseases, you should get them the FVRCP shot, and kitten shots at Petsmart. A kitten virus is the root cause of the hereditary disease known as feline leukemia. It can lead to painful swelling of the jaw, tongue, and gums, anemia, fever, and hair loss. Additionally, it can cause death.

Does PetSmart Advocate Vaccination for Indoor kittens?

Because they are not outside and are indoors when unwell, indoor cats are less prone to developing the disease. Indoor cats don’t get along with other cats as well, but they are less prone to spread infectious diseases. According to the information on the linked website, there is a very slim possibility that your cat could contract a virus.

Your cat will most likely pass away if this occurs. Additionally, a cat’s immune system might not be strong enough to help it fight off the infection. Additionally, the illness might transfer from one cat to another.

How can I schedule a PetSmart appointment for my cat’s vaccinations?

To save for your area and be able to vaccinate your cat with Shotvet, you must register on the Shotvet website. A dog owner will normally receive one vaccination from the veterinarian. With this shot, your puppy will receive all the vaccines required for the first year of life. On the firm’s website, customers may view the Banfield hours. A veterinarian appointment can also be made online.

What Should I Expect After My kitten Gets Vaccinated?

You shouldn’t be overly frightened if any of these symptoms appear mildly. But if you believe the dog is ill, you must inform the doctor. If you know the price for a certain item in PetSmart, you can put the number in this table and, for most stores, find the pricing for that item there.


PetSmart and Banfield Pet Hospital have made it simpler for customers to get cat immunizations. This is practical because the parents must attend one clinic for all of their family’s medical requirements.

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