Are Eclectus Parrots Messy? (Answered!)

Are Eclectus Parrots Messy? (Answered!)

Are Eclectus parrots messy? It’s a question many prospective pet owners ask, and it is important to consider before bringing a feathered friend into your home. Eclectus parrots have beautiful plumage that can draw you in, but they also bring unique behaviors and needs.

These birds are part of the Psittacidae family of parrots, meaning they can produce quite a bit of mess when left to their own devices. So what is the truth about Eclectus parrot messiness? In this guide, we will discuss how to keep your Eclectus parrot’s messes to a minimum and provide some tips for keeping them tidy.

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Eclectus Parrot Messiness: The Truth Is In the Feathers

Eclectus parrots are a beautiful and unique parrot species, often having bright red, yellow, and blue feathers. But do they make good house pets? It all depends on how messy these birds can get.

When it comes to messiness, the truth is in the feathers! Eclectus parrots are quite clean when compared to other species of parrots. Their daily preening ritual is essential for keeping their feathers healthy and soft. This task helps remove any debris or dirt from their feathers, which helps them stay neat and tidy.

How Messy Are Eclectus Parrots?

Eclectus parrots are known to be messy birds. They tend to shower themselves with food and water, which can cause quite a mess. However, compared to other parrot species, they may not be as messy.

For those who keep their Eclectus in an outdoor aviary or flight cage, it is important to note that these birds will be more likely to mess around their enclosure than if they were kept indoors. This is due to their natural tendency to bathe themselves and interact with objects outside the cage. Inside cages should provide enough space for them to move around and stretch their wings, yet also limit the ability to spread debris everywhere.

If you’re concerned about the messiness in your home due to an Eclectus Parrot, fear not! These birds are easy to clean up after, as they rarely drop food or make a huge mess with their droppings.

What Can I Do To Minimize Messes?

There are several things you can do to minimize messes caused by your Eclectus parrot:

  1. Place a tray or newspaper under their cage or perch to catch droppings and food debris.
  2. Provide plenty of toys and activities to keep your parrot entertained and occupied, which can reduce their tendency to scatter food and debris.
  3. Keep their living space clean by regularly cleaning and disinfecting their cage and perches.
  4. Provide a separate area where they can eat and play, making cleaning up any messes they make easier.
  5. Provide your Eclectus with a healthy diet that is less likely to cause messes, such as a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.
  6. Regularly groom your Eclectus by gently brushing their feathers to remove any loose feathers and debris.
  7. Provide adequate ventilation to reduce feather dust.
  8. When cleaning, use a damp cloth and avoid using any toxic cleaning products for birds, as they can harm your parrot’s respiratory system.

These steps can minimize messes and help keep your Eclectus parrot’s living space clean and comfortable.


How often should I clean my Eclectus parrot’s cage?

It is recommended to clean the cage and perches at least once a week and spot clean as needed.

Are Eclectus parrots messy eaters?

Eclectus parrots can be messy eaters, as they tend to scatter food and debris while eating.

Do Eclectus parrots produce a lot of droppings?

Eclectus parrots produce relatively small droppings compared to other parrot species, but they should still be cleaned regularly to maintain a clean environment.

Can I train my Eclectus parrot to be less messy?

Eclectus parrots can be trained to be less messy by providing plenty of toys and activities to keep them occupied and by training them to eat in a designated area.

Can I use cleaning products to clean my Eclectus parrot’s cage?

It’s best to avoid using toxic cleaning products for birds, as they can harm your parrot’s respiratory system. Instead, use a damp cloth and mild soap to clean the cage and perches.

Final Thoughts

Eclectus parrots have a tendency to be messy, but with the right care and maintenance, you can keep your home clean and tidy. By providing plenty of toys and activities, keeping their living space clean, and grooming them regularly, you can minimize messes caused by Eclectus parrots. Additionally, it is important to use safe cleaning products for birds and to clean their cage and perches regularly. You can keep your Eclectus parrot’s living space neat and tidy with a little effort!

We hope this article has answered some of your questions about the messiness of Eclectus parrots. If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact a veterinarian for more specific advice. Thank you for reading!

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